• The roots of education are bitter,

    but the fruit is sweet


  • The digital revolution

    is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.

    "Douglas Engelbart"

  • I can't change the direction of the wind,

    but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

    • Jimmy Dean
  • Education is the

    movement from darkness to light.

    " Allan Bloom"

  • Things do not happen.

    Things are made to happen.

    • John F. Kennedy

why us ?

MULTIPLYO aims to take quality education to more deserving students across the Delhi NCR region.

Admissions simplified
We simply admissions and remove all barriers on the way.
A single-window admission
Just fill a single form and send to all schools of choice.
Admission chances improved
Send your candidatures to more schools and colleges to improve admission chances.
All admission information at your doorstep
Get detailed information about every school of choice and feel easy.
One application, multiple admission opportunities
Just fill one application and write one application and enjoy multiple admission opportunities.
Know admission deadlines and seats
Get information about seats and admission deadlines of any and every school of your choice.
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The 3-Step Process

Recently Added

More parents and schools now understand our efforts in simplifying admission procedures in the Delhi-NCR region. So far, we have found an overwhelming support for this noble cause. We have recently added a host of premier brands and well-known institutes from different localities of the city. Some of them include:-

Anchal Sharma

“I really like this concept and hope people start applying for their kids’ admissions through this portal, as it provides an innovative way of applying to schools now. They have a Common Application Form, wherein, we have to fill only one form and select the schools we wish to apply for, and make the payments on multiplyo.com, and that’s it. You are done with the entire application procedure. Its highly time saving. I total

Mohit Lohani

“In this hour of Indian Economy, when almost all the startups are in e-retail or healthcare or entertainment; I salute the founders of multiplyo.com to dare to start a venture in edutech domain. I always wondered, why there are no advancements in the way we apply to several educational institutes; be it pre school, school, colleges or any other learning centre, but multiplyo has come up with an all-in-one platform. Wish you luck. I lov

Meenakshi Hakhu

“MULTIPLYO is a platform, much needed for a long long time. Now, i think its the time for a change in paradigm in this domain, in the same way what happened in Entertainment Industry through Book my Show, Saavn, Hungama, etc. I loved this platform, its going to help big time to all working couples.”

Ankita Modi

“Being an IT professor for last 8 years, i must say, its a million dollar idea, built beautifully and executed in the best way possible to the founders of this company. The Comparison model on this platform, enables us as parents, to choose the school more conveniently and easily, sitting at home or office, at any hour of the day. Wish you all the luck guys..Excellent Work.”

Divya Wadhwa Kalra

“My favourite things about this portal are, ease of use and also the ability to refine our search using various filters & the ability to customise the profile and add educational institutes on our favourite list using the parent dashboard.”

Abhishek Gupta

“The process on multiplyo.com is so simple, it’s so easy to use. And from the Parent’s Standpoint, its highly intuitive, the platform is pretty much comfortable and beneficial for all.”

Vibhor Goel

“I totally love the concept of MULTIPLYO. It is definitely one of the best time saving option i have experienced in a very long time.”